Inspection Services

Residential Inspections – Covers the exterior grounds, grading, water management, foundation, exterior trim – fascia – soffits, doors, windows, roof and gutter system. All visible framing, slab work, interior foundation, HVAC systems and ductwork, attic framing – insulation – ventillation, the electrical system starting with the panel, the entire plumbing system, mechanical systems, and appliances.
Commercial Inspections – Follows ASTM-E commercial building assessment guidelines.
Multi-Unit inspections – from a duplex all the way to a large apartment complex.
Condo Inspections
Pre-Listing Inspections – Help sell your house by inspecting first.
Radon Measurement Testing – We are certified Radon Measurement Specialists utilizing the latest in radon measurement technology. Add this to your residential inspection for complete peace of mind with your home purchase.
Irrigation System – Full check of controls, valves, and individual sprinkler heads.
Pool Inspection – Inspection of pool surrounds, deck, mechanical systems such as pumps and heaters, and anything else that may need pool repair
Water Quality Testing – Open Door Inspections utilizes a national lab to determinet the quality of your drinking water.
Well Flow testing – Ensure your well is functioning properly and test all mechanical systems.